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A two-day intensive seminar, was held at California State University Fullerton and developed by Drs. McEligot and Steinberg combining their skills, resources, and research. As part of this seminar, Dr. McEligot collaborated with UC Davis faculty to develop videos used for the sessions and was archived for future use at CSUF and other institutions. Lectures/sessions were videotaped and archived for future use as well.

Areas discussed include:
  • Latest research in childhood obesity and health in diverse populations; Current research and projects in nutrition, foods, and agriculture at UC Davis.
  • Career opportunities in food, nutrition, cooperative extension, health fields, and agricultural-related sciences.
  • Graduate opportunities in food, nutrition, and agricultural-related sciences.
  • Linkages between the UC and CSU systems and opportunities for future collaborations in education and training (cross-listed approved joint courses) and research projects.
Below are PDFs, PowerPoint slides, and videos from the seminar.




  • Introduction - Dr. Archana McEligot
    Introduction YouTube.
  • Maternal, Infant and Young Child Nutrition: A Global Perspective - Kenneth H. Brown, MD- Maternal & child nutrition issues in low-income populations and developing countries. The learner will develop an understanding of the influence of maternal nutritional status on birth outcomes.

Maternal PDF format.

Maternal PowerPoint format.
Maternal YouTube.
  • Nutrition in Pregnancy - Christine P. Stewart, MPH, PhD- The learner will develop an understanding of the concept “fetal origins of chronic disease” and gain an appreciation of how early metabolic environments can influence health in later life.
Nutrition PDF format.
Nutrition PowerPoint format.
Nutrition YouTube.
  • Biologic Consequences of Obesity & Influences on the Development of Chronic Disease - Francene Steinberg, PhD, RD- Focuses on the metabolic and physiologic consequences of obesity. The learner will be able to identify features of chronic diseases in children and adults related to obesity and identify health promotion strategies consistent with the American Heart Association Pediatric and Adult Nutrition Guidelines.
Biologic PDF format.
Biologic PowerPoint format.
Biologic YouTube.
  • Behavioral Intervention Strategies to Reduce Childhood Obesity Risk - Mical Kay Shilts, PhD- Understanding the basis of behavioral interventions to reduce early childhood obesity. The learner will be able to describe positive outcomes of breastfeeding for child health and nutrition.
Behavioral PDF format. Behavioral PowerPoint format. Behavioral YouTube.
  • Fruit and Vegetables - Francene Steinberg, PhD, RD - Discussion of the importance of fruits and vegetables, phytonutrients in health promotion. The learner will be able to describe possible mechanisms for how phytonutrient foods such as fruits and vegetables promote health.
Fruit PDF format. Fruit format. Fruit YouTube.
  • Acculturation - Lucia Kaiser, PhD, RD- Discussion on acculturation, parental feeding strategies and childhood nutrition in the Hispanic bi-national (US – Mexico) population. The learner will be able to describe typical nutritional consequences of acculturation in the Hispanic population and understand the influences of parental feeding strategies on child nutrition and body weight.
Acculturation PDF format. Acculturation PowerPoint format. Acculturation YouTube.
  • Scientific Literacy - Martin H. Smith, MS, EdD- Focuses on the importance of youth science literacy in promoting positive health and lifestyle knowledge and behaviors.
Scientific PDF format. Scientific PowerPoint format.  
  • Improving Children's Nutrition through School-Based Agriculture Programs - Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, PhD- Understanding how nutrition education can enhance academic outcomes of primary and secondary school children. The learner will be able to identify and describe the positive results of school and urban gardens on children’s fruit and vegetable intake.
Improving PDF format. Improving PowerPoint format. Improving YouTube.
  • Food Insecurity: History - Lucia Kaiser, PhD, RD- Brief overview of food insecurity. The learner will be able to define the term “food insecurity”.
Food PDF format. Food PowerPoint format.  
  • Food Insecurity - Lucia Kaiser, PhD, RD- In depth discussion of the relationships between diet quality, social and economic inequalities, and childhood obesity.
Food PDF format. Food PowerPoint format. Food YouTube.
  • Fact and Fiction in Nutrition - Sheri Zidenberg-Cherr, PhD- Discussion of popular food and nutrition misconceptions while providing factual information. The learner will also be able to describe at least one way that agriculture is linked to public health in today’s diverse and urban population.
Fact PDF format. Fact PowerPoint format. Fact YouTube.
  • Career Pathways: Opportunities in Nutrition & Community Health - Francene Steinberg, PhD, RD & Lucia Kaiser, PhD, RD - Presentation to introduce learners to the various career opportunities in nutrition and community health.

Career  PDF format.

Career  PowerPoint format.




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