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Student Profiles

Lyanna Profile

Lyanna Pillazar, MPHc, B.S.

Project Coordinator

Graduate Assistant, Department of Health Science at CSUF

Telephone: (714) 278-8394


Lyanna Pillazar serves as the study coordinator, assisting with data collection, media development, and the coordination of meetings. She interfaces with students, community partners, and university research teams to coordinate and monitor student activities and accomplishments. Prior to attending graduate school, she facilitated health education curriculum that included nutrition and obesity prevention with Community Health Partnership, a host of the South Bay Area Health Education Center. Her volunteer, internship, and working experiences were primarily community-oriented, serving youth, teens, and undergraduate students.

Lizette profile

Lizette Martinez, MPHc, B.S.

Graduate Assistant, Department of Health Science at CSUF


Lizette Martinez is responsible for assisting with website content and development and meeting coordination. She has a background in architecture and has assisted in the design, coordination and development of residential communities and commercial spaces throughout Southern California. Recent trends in sustainable design sparked her interest on how the built physical environment affects health, prompting her to pursue a degree in public health. For the past year, she has served as a graduate assistant, successfully assisting in focus groups, data collection, coordination, and input in falls prevention among the elderly and has served as a volunteer for a mobile, community-outreach unit providing a variety of health services for underserved populations.


CSUF Undergraduate Students Enrolled

Currently, NCW is comprised of over 100 enthused and talented students. Below is the initial cohort; students continue to enroll in the course HESC 470 reaching full capacity. Integration of the diverse individuals and disciplines allows for a multi-faceted discussion and global/group learning of childhood obesity and nutrition concepts.

Afif, Deanna Dinh, Melinda Radcliffe, Sarah
Agnalt, Anna Dixon, Aaron Reynoso, Julia
Ahmed, Huma Duong, Tiffany Rios, Elizabeth
Alba, Jeanette Flor, Grecia Ripa, Stephanie
Antolin, Natalie Follero, Sofia Robinson, Joshshalae
Aparicio, Rachel

Garcia, Angel

Rondini, Stephanie
Arevalo, Candice Gonzalez, Elissa Salgado, Genny
Benevides, Jasmine Heramia, Heidi Faith Sedano, Jacqueline
Biscos, Genyfer Hersom, Sarah Silpwatanaskul, Chayanin
Bojin, Diana Jow, Kimberly Tambunan, Christine
Bran, Bridget Kaplan, Rachel Thoi, Vicky
Brito, Rachel Lankster, Krystal Tran, Christine
Brownlee, Cameron Macias, Rudy Tran, Kevin
Camarillo, Victoria Madrid, Miranda Tran, Quynh
Cardenas, Andrew Madru, Lyndsay Truong, Ha
Case, Andrea Mendoza, Patricia Vallejo, Miriam
Chaudhary, Ritu Mowlai, Shafagh Van, Peter
Chavarriaga, Jennifer Nguyen, Jannie Vargas, Erika
Choy, Sabrina Ocampo, Abigail Vega, Edith
Corpuz, Ma. Pearl Orona, Gabriel Woolley, Sydney
Cream, Maria Oson, Mayssa  
Crisostomo, Azell Osorio, Jenny  
Dao, Lam Pardo, Esbeydy  
Del Cid, Senda Phung, Andy  


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